Replace ProBook 450 and 470 LCD and Take of LCD Bezel the EASY way

There is an easy way to remove the LCD bezel from an HP ProBook 450 and ProBook 470 G1 and G2

When you do a lot of LCD bezels from HP you probably know how annoying they can be to get them off and onto the laptop again. 
At least I had a lot of difficulty with them early on, even after watching some of the YouTube video's available. 
Luckily I found an easy way to remove the bezel and replace the LCD. I'll show you how you can do the same in a couple of simple steps.

Step 1

Take a small tweezers of a flat metal object and stick it inside the cover of the hinge on the outside. 

Step 2

Do the same on the inside of this small cover.

Step 3

Turn the laptop on its back.
Now that the cover is not attached to the bezel anymore you can take it out.
Do this with both covers.

Step 4

Take of the small stickers that's onto the screw in the bottom corner of the LCD bezel.

Step 5

Stick the sticker onto the bezel so you don't loose it.

Step 6

Open the LCD as far as possible and unscrew the Philips screw. 
Again do this with both sides.

Step 7

Grab the inside of the bezel with the top of your fingers and slowly but steadily pull it towards the outside.
You should here it click loose. 

Step 8

Do this with all the sides of the bezel until you can take it completely off. 

Step 9

Here is another small trick that saves some time. 
Unscrew both of the top screws but with the 4 bottom screws don't take them out completely. Leave them in but unloose them a little bit.

Step 10

Now you can take out the screws that are on the side of the LCD so you can replace it. 


When you are done screwing it all back together you can click the covers back on to the LCD in the same way you took them out.

Hope you liked this easy method to take of the LCD bezel from an HP ProBook 450 or ProBook 470

Rob Michiels Posted by Rob Michiels