Used and Refurbished Laptop Wholesale - Buy Laptop Lots

Always big Quantities of Used and Refurbished Laptops

Are you looking for a supplier that can delivered laptops in large quantities? Look no further.

We are a wholesale company based in The Netherlands and we sell several thousands of laptops every month.

What makes us the right company to deal with is that we always have stock available and we can supply every kind of laptop you are looking for. Either to resell, export or use for own purposes.

Different types of selling

Because there is a need for every type of laptop, we sell them in different states. From very cheap to ready to use or resell straight to the customer.

These types are mainly:

  • Power on tested, the laptops are ON/OFF tested
  • Fully tested, laptops are functional in working condition. All the components are tested and working
  • Installed, separately packed laptops with charger included. These can be sold straight to the customer.

Most needs fall under one of these categories but if you are looking for something that is not listed here, feel free to contact us about your inquiry.

Power on tested

In this state the laptops are turned on and the power test is executed. Because they are early in their stages they are sold cheap but you have to keep in mind that there might be a possibility that not all components work 100%. In general 80% works fine after installing an OS on the laptop.

Fully tested

These laptops are fully tested on functionality and all the components are working. The laptops have a working battery and after installation, the laptops can be used for their attended purposes. Many times they are sold to stores to add to their stock. These can be bought from a list or as batches.


Installed laptops are as the name stated, installed with an OS, usually Windows 10 or an upgraded version of it. These are cleaned multiple times and fully tested. They are separately packed in boxes with the charger included.

If you are looking for laptops to sell to end users then this is your best choice. We deliver these with warranty and assure that they work as supposed to.

It is possible to buy these in larger quantities as well.

Different types of laptops

We get all kinds of laptops, from consumer to business laptops and in every stage of the process. If you want a diverse stock you can buy MIX laptops.

If you have a process that is more generic or you want to focus on a specific type of laptop, we can recommend the same models in larger quantities.

Are you interested in buying laptops?

Are you interested in buying laptops? Feel free to contact us anytime you want and our team will support you in making the best decision for your needs.