Buy Lots of Refurbished Laptops

Big Lots of Refurbished Laptops for Sale

Since 2016 we sell refurbished laptops to end users. These are tested with our own developed test process and sold with a year warranty. 
Because we buy laptops in big lots it is often too much for our company to refurbished and therefor they are sold as-is and untested. 
On average about 70% of the laptops work with minor issues. At the moment we are able to fix 95% of all the laptops that come in.

Untested laptops

These laptops are sorted on price class, prices ranging from € 40,- tot € 80,- depending on the brand, model and CPU.

Power on tested laptops

We also deliver power on tested laptops which means that we plugged in the charger and as soon as we see a logo the laptop is shut off.
Prices ranging from € 50,- to € 200,- each. 

The untested laptops as well as the power on tested laptops are sold without a HDD and without a charger. Memory and a battery do occur sometimes. 
To keep the prices affordable, we do not make any lists from the laptops and the only way to buy them is to come and pick them out. There is no minimum amount of laptops you have to buy.

Are you interested in a lot?

Please, feel free to contact us.

Rob Michiels Posted by Rob Michiels