Dell Latitude E5440 Disassembly - Motherboard Replacement

How to disassemble a Dell Latitude E5440

Here we show you how you can take out the motherboard of a Dell Latitude E5440.
The only tool you need is a Phillips screwdriver and preferably some tweezers to take out the ribbon cables.

1. Remove the battery and bottom cover from the laptop. 
Take out the RAM, HDD and DVD drive

2. Remove 5 screws from the bottom side of the laptop

3. Take out the BIOS battery

4. Pull off the cover that is located above and beside the keyboard

5. Stick your nail underneath the WiFi cable connection and push it out

6. Take out 2 screws from the keyboard

7. Start pulling the keyboard up from the top and then slide it forward

8. Pull the connection strip up and take out the keyboard cable

9. Take out 4 screws and pull out 3 cables

10. Start pulling the palmrest out from the bottom and pull it upwards towards the screen

11. Take out 9 screws from the motherboard, LCD cable protector and cardreader

12. Stick your nail underneath the side of the cardreader and pull it up while pushing it of to the side

13. Remove 2 screws from the CPU FAN and disconnect the LAN board cable from the motherboard

14. Pull out 4 cables from the FAN, power cord, charging light board and LCD cable

15. Pull the under side from the motherboard out and remove the motherboard

Thats it!

Your done

Rob Michiels Posted by Rob Michiels